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Weller, Paul Just A Dream +cd
  • Weller, Paul
    Just A Dream +cd

  • onze prijs:€ 12.99
  • formaat:2dvd
  • releasedatum:04 juni 2009
  • levertijd:15 30 werkdagen
1.  Peacock Suit (bbc4 Session)
2.  22 Dreams (bbc4 Session)
3.  All I Wanna Do (is Be With You) (bbc4 Session)
4.  From The Floorboards Up (bbc4 Session)
5.  All On A Misty Morning (bbc4 Session)
6.  Brand New Start (bbc4 Session)
7.  Have You Made Up Your Mind (bbc4 Session)
8.  Wild Blue Yonder (bbc4 Session)
9.  Black River (bbc4 Session)
10.  Invisible (bbc4 Session)
11.  One Bright Star (bbc4 Session)
12.  Where'er Ye Go (bbc4 Session)
13.  Wild Wood (bbc4 Session)
14.  Why Walk When You Can Run (bbc4 Session)
15.  The Butterfly Collector (bbc4 Session)
16.  Sea Spray (bbc4 Session)
17.  Echoes Round The Sun (bbc4 Session)
18.  The Changingman (bbc4 Session)
19.  The Eton Rifles (bbc4 Session)
20.  Push It Along (bbc4 Session)
21.  Whirlpools' End (bbc4 Session)
22.  Have You Made Up Your Mind (rehearsal Sessions)
23.  Echoes Round The Sun (rehearsal Sessions)
24.  Push It Along (rehearsal Sessions)
25.  Sea Spray (rehearsal Sessions)
26.  Wild Blue Yonder (rehearsal Sessions)
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