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King Crimson Sailors' Tales (1970 - 1972) (cd+bluray)
  • King Crimson
    Sailors' Tales (1970 - 1972) (cd+bluray)

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  • releasedatum:10 november 2017
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Opnieuw een grote, en zeer fraaie boxset van King Crimson. Sailors' Tales bevat 21 CD's, 4 blu-ray discs en een aantal  audio-only DVD's.

Specifically you get:

• 3CD's feature Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp stereo mixes of In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard and Islands met extra tracks.
• 6CD's feature the Islands line-up’s early concerts from Germany (new to CD) and the UK (1971).
• 9CD's feature live recordings (several new to CD and/or previously unreleased in any format) from the 1972 US tour, including a new stereo mix of Summit Studios and an expanded Earthbound.
• 3CD's feature auditions for the Islands band and two further, as yet, unidentified concerts from 1972 (all previously unreleased).
• 3 blu-ray discs contain the main studio albums in 5.1 Surround Sound, recent stereo editions mixed by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp, 30th anniversary masters of the original stereo albums mixes (all in 24/96 hi-res), plus extensive additional material with each disc also featuring a complete alternate album and a further selection of additional, related studio/live material in hi-res.
• The Lizard blu-ray also contains the audition material from CD's19/20.
• The Islands blu-ray also contains the following concerts in stereo Zoom Club (4 shows), Marquee Club, Plymouth, Glasgow, Detroit all from 1971.
• The Earthbound Tour blu-ray features an expanded version of the original album, Summit Studios gig in Stereo and Quadraphonic (newly mixed), the Schizoid Men sequence from the Ladies of the Road album, 2 newly discovered concerts in hi-res stereo and every existing soundboard concert recording from the 1972 US tour: Wilmington, NYC (2 shows), Chicago (2 tracks only), Detroit, Jacksonville, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Peoria, Indianapolis & Denver (2 shows).
• The two DVD's feature the expanded Earthbound, Summit Studios, Schizoid Men, New York 1972 and the recently discovered live concerts.

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