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Mccartney, Paul & Wings Red Rose Speedway
  • Mccartney, Paul & Wings
    Red Rose Speedway

  • onze prijs:€ 39.99
  • formaat:2LP
  • releasedatum:07 december 2018
  • levertijd:50 75 werkdagen

Original sleeve

Red Rose Speedway – 2LP ‘Double Album’

Red Rose Speedway – “Double Album” is the originally conceived version of the album, though it was ultimately stripped back to a single vinyl. For this limited release it has been reconstructed based on original acetates and master tapes from the period. It is now available for the first time on LP. This edition is pressed onto 180gram vinyl x2 and comes housed in a single outer sleeve with a 12-page 10” booklet plus a 320kbps MP3 download redemption card.

Side a
1. Night Out
2. Get On The Right Thing
3. Country Dreamer
4. Big Barn Bed
5. My Love

Side b
1. Single Pigeon
2. When The Night
3. Seaside Woman
4. I Lie Around
5. The Mess [Live At The Hague]

Side c
1. Best Friend [Live In Antwerp]
2. Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
3. Medley:
* (a) Hold Me Tight
* (b) Lazy Dynamite
* (c) Hands Of Love
* (d) Power Cut

Side d
1. Mama’s Little Girl
2. I Would Only Smile
3. One More Kiss
4. Tragedy
5. Little Lamb Dragonfly


1.  Night Out (2018 Remaster)
2.  Get On The Right Thing (2018 Remaster)
3.  Country Dreamer (2018 Remaster)
4.  Big Barn Bed (2018 Remaster)
5.  My Love (2018 Remaster)
6.  Single Pigeon (2018 Remaster)
7.  When The Night (2018 Remaster)
8.  Seaside Woman (2018 Remaster)
9.  I Lie Around (2018 Remaster)
10.  The Mess (live At The Hague/1972)
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