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Mouflon Devastations
  • Mouflon

  • onze prijs:€ 9.99
  • formaat:cd
  • releasedatum:20 november 2018
  • levertijd:OP VOORRAAD, 1 dag

Mouflon ( ˈmo͞ofˌlôN) (Ovis orientalis orientalis group) subspecies of the wild sheep. Mouflon`s conquest began back in 2012 under the morbid influence of such infernal genre forefathers as Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Asphyx and so on. After getting the right line-up together, Mouflon started playing blasting live shows full of energy and aggression! At the end of 2015, the band’s structure changed by the arrival of a new drummer, and halfway 2017 there was a change in vocalists. Older, wiser, stronger and colder they returned rejuvenated and hungry . The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, is a mix of old school death metal and doom metal that causes a variation in songs with soundwaves that make many buildings tremble. Influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band, Mouflon bounces from one head banging moment to the next with a sense of pure destruction! Mouflon plays frantic and aggressive. What you get is a violent straight-in-your-face wall of sound that swings. Debut album “Devastations” showcases their growing musical talent with a stronger sound relentlessly brutal yet catchy material while retaining the group's trademark old school death metal heaviness known from their demo's. From the crushing opening track “Pure Hate”, the driving doom monster “Lawless”, the devastating “On the frontlines” over to the monumental death metal anthem “remembered by skin”, Mouflon have transferred the classic trademarks into the year 2018. The ripping riffs, the titanic roar of RJ, the pounding drumming and macabre atmosphere are Mouflon from start to finish. The album has a sludgy feel and integrated devastatingly slow passages along with obliterating overtures that reached far beyond any point of mayhem, slow-as-hell-yet-fast-as-fuck. Lyrics deal with individualism, death, war and the inhumanities of humanity. The sickness and perversion that lurk below the surface of human nature. This fearsome pack-leading herd takes you on a journey into the infinite dehumanization of all that is known. Mouflon is here to haunt, taunt and fully pollute your senses. Richard - Guitar (Dead End) Peter – Guitar (Ex-Medical Waste) Tijl – Bas (Into The Arcane) Rutger – Drums (Ex-Strike First, Landmine Heart) RJ – Vocals (Ex-Strike First, Landmine Heart)


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